The 10 best places to install security cameras in the house

Surveillance by means of video cameras is a necessary complement to any safety plan in the home. Its installation is fundamental for the protection of the family, the house and its goods, and integrates well with other solutions of security for the home. When installing a video surveillance system at home, you must carefully select the areas to be monitored and protected so that your family is as safe as possible.

Exterior windows

Your home has three main entry points: windows, doors, and garage. Video recording on the outside of your windows ensures the record of any unwanted access to your home, which can help the location and prosecution of criminals.

Access to garage

Like windows, the garage is a regular entry point for thieves. Recording the outside of your garage helps protect against theft, especially if the camera can be seen, visible safety equipment is an excellent deterrent.

Exterior doors

From the main entry points, exterior doors represent the most obvious access for most thieves. They assume they can break or force the doors and open them. Recording an exterior door is a good idea because the pictures can help identify and locate any thief who tries to enter your house.

Inside the garage

The recording inside the garage captures the movements of the thief who manages to gain access to the house. This is useful because it helps to chart a timeline of events that can be useful for identifying and catching thieves.

Inside of exterior windows

Recording the interior of your house in the window area is very useful because it allows you to capture images of thieves the moment you enter the house.

Inside of exterior doors

Having cameras aimed at this area of ​​the home is very practical since thieves usually enter through the exterior doors. Catching the thief is easier if you have an early warning of events happening at home, having cameras that record every possible point of entry is an excellent idea to identify the offender.

Bedroom & Living room

Recording access areas to the bedroom is useful for protecting your family, especially if you have monitors to view the other cameras in the home. Having a CCTV system serves to improve the safety of your family and help authorities in the event of a crime.

The living room is generally an area where thieves search for jewelry, money, electronics and other valuables. In general they spend much of the time in this area of ​​the house, the longer their movements are recorded inside the house, the greater the possibility of apprehending them.

Security boxes

It is advisable to have a safe to store documents and valuables. Violating a safe deposit box requires time, this allows the video surveillance system to capture the images of the thief for an extended period of time and if it is delayed enough it is possible to catch it in the middle of the action.

Patio, park and garden

Security cameras located in these areas prove to be the most effective method of video surveillance. Visible security equipment is the best way to discourage a thief from committing a crime, no other method prevents robbery more effectively.

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