The best home safety tips

It may be by chance that the number of robberies has been making a steady decline in the United States. Despite the bad economy, in 2010, home thefts decreased 1.4 percent over the previous year. Some speculate that this decline may be attributed in part to homeowners taking more steps to protect their homes and properties.

Invest in a security system

If a home security system is in your budget, it is one of the best lines of defense against an invasion or theft. Prices for a non-bank system break these days; Average $ 30 to $ 40 a month and many companies offer free installation. Most also offer directions to place in your garden, announcing your protection to anyone who enters the property.

Keep property well lit

If your house is the darkest, you can have trouble. Instead of lighting your house like a Christmas tree, you can upload a bill of electricity, invest in some motion sensor lighting. Sudden lighting strikes intruders and also alerts you of their presence.


Never leave a spare key in the house, even if you think you are in a discreet place. Do not leave notes on the door. Make sure your family knows it is not a good idea to advertise an apartment next to anyone you want to listen to, if you find out the wrong person, it can be an invitation to plan a robbery. Most importantly, all windows and doors must be closed and locked when not in use.

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