Tips To Prevent Burglaries

Tips to prevent burglaries


Summer is the time of year when our homes are often left empty for longer and therefore is where most exposed to theft. So before you go traveling or away for a few weeks, it is wise to take some precautions to maximize their safety.

How many families have returned from vacation and found the unpleasant surprise that they had broken into their homes? Summer is the time when most burglaries increase as you leave the house alone for a few days or weeks raises risk significantly.

But how can we minimize the vulnerability of our homes? Given some basic safety tips you can complicate the work of thieves and make our homes safer.

  • The best protection is to never leave the house alone, which would be ideal-though this option is not always possible- that a family member or friend to be installed at home when we go on vacation.
  • The absence of noise and light give many clues to possible intruders, which it is advisable to notify the neighbor that we go for a few days or weeks for you to take a look at the house while we are not even in to upload shutters open curtains and turn on the radio during the day or leave a light on at night and empty the mail box. If you opt for this possibility, it is essential that the neighbor has a phone number to reach us in case something happens.
  • Another option to see that the floor is not just installing timer’s radio and lightsthat are in place during certain hours of the day or night.
  • Installing a surveillance systemat home always gives more protection guarantees. Place a visible alarm at the entrance of the house and / or perimeter sensors on terraces and gardens can deter thieves and intruders. In the market there are different security expert companies offering such services. Some of them can c heck remotely from a smartphone, allowing you to connect and disconnect the alarm device, open the door without a key or take pictures of the home to make sure everything works properly.
  • One of the weaknesses of security in the home is the windows. They are one of the main entry points for burglars, which are highly recommended to use heavy glass and install locks that allow a much more secure closure. If you have a house with a garden, should never leave a ladder lying around.
  • The doorsare another key element to prevent theft. Ideally, they are thick, solid, hard, and who have a good latch. It is essential to lock when we leave from home, even for just a while. It is also important to take the necessary precautions to keep the keys and key chains never save them or documentation that might reveal the thief’s address to which they belong.
  • Finally, dogscan also be very good stewards of our house, if you train for it. They can live both inside and outside the home, depending on the housing type and characteristics of the breed and the dog. Should let them ‘run’ from the safety of our home is important to have good supplies of water and food , as well as to organize a family member, friend or neighbor who already know they make frequent visits to not feel alone and to clean the area where to relieve themselves.