Security measures to prevent theft at home

Take care of details for safety

The first thing to keep in mind is the most basic and it is about not leaving valuables at the door of the house or in the yard, such as bicycles, scooters and other items. It is also necessary to be careful with some simple details at the same time as very important, such as the fact that the large box of the plasma TV that you just bought is not left next to the trash container; You could cause them to think you have a lot of money, and therefore your house would be a good target to steal when it comes to stealing things of value. Make sure valuable objects are not visible from outside your home.

Many people think thieves only act at night; however, this is not entirely true. The reality is that there are no fixed rules since they usually study the place they are interested in entering and if the house is alone all day, they will find it easier to enter before the night arrives and so planned. Therefore, having certain precautions to avoid it can be of much use, for example:

  • Leave a light on when you leave home.
  • Leave the stereo or TV on.
  • If you do not have an alarm at home, try to get a sticker that says connected alarm or something similar.
  • You can place security systems on doors or windows, such as grilles.
  • If you leave a spare key hidden away from the house, be careful not to do it in the typical and obvious places like under a pot or the entry mat. It is always best to give a copy to a trusted family member or friend.

Obstacles are the favorites of thieves, I do not mean the impediments they can find to enter the property, but the obstacles that block your visibility. If in your garden there are trees with dense foliage or shrubs, there is no light, no dog, there is not a wall high enough, they are all aspects that favor the entrance of criminals.

If you plan to go on vacation:

  • Never change the voice message on the phone warning that you will not be.
  • Leave old clothes lying outside.
  • Ask someone to pick up your mail so that the mailbox does not fill up, as it will be a sign that no one has picked it up.
  • Set a timer system so that the lights turn on and turn off at a specific time, just as if you have a garden it is convenient that you do the same to activate the irrigation; In that way, they may think that there are people at home.
  • If you know your neighbors well, talk to them so that they know that there will be nobody at home, leave them your mobile number so they can communicate with you if necessary.

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