Safety tips for a new home

If you just bought a new or used house there are several safety tips that you can carry out without too much difficulty and that you will be very convenient to carry out before you move to it, there are many points that it is essential that you review to make sure everything is in order and avoid accidents and potential thefts in the future.

Some safety tips for a new or used home.

Regardless of whether it is un first home or you have bought a second hand home you should review a number of security points to ensure you have no problems in the future and inaugurate your new home with good standing, read these safety tips carefully for a house before inhabiting it.

New home security: Check the electrical installation of the same, as it is a new home surely the distribution of furniture you install in your house does not have to be the same as the one had previously, may a bedroom now become an office or work area. It is for this reason that it is essential that you thoroughly inspect the electrical installation of the same and make sure that all the lines that pass through your new home are prepared to withstand the use that they are going to give you, you also have to make sure have sufficient electrical power contracted in your home, this way you will avoid electrical accidents in the future.

Ensures doors and windows, windows are a common point of entry for thieves, which is why it is very important that you protect this access, the best way to avoid an intrusion from a window is with the installation of bars.

Many users are reluctant to install gratings on windows, it is true that in some situations the presence of a grating with an emergency inside, for example a fire can pose a serious risk to the safety of a family, but to avoid this type of problems there are alternatives such as the installation of folding bars that can be closed with keys when necessary.

The main entrance door is the most vulnerable point of your home, this is the most common point where it is usually carried out a robbery contrary to what many people may think, it is essential that you install a good security door if your home Is bought second hand you must change the lock of the same as soon as possible because you do not know who can have a set of keys of your home, once you replace the lock of the same control at all times copies of the keys and who Have access to them.

Introduce yourself to the neighbors of the community as soon as possible and try to maintain a good relationship with them, apart from being a standard of education and coexistence is very useful when maintaining security in a home, in case of a neighbor see something suspicious in your home if you know it will be much easier for you to identify this situation and alert you and the police that something strange is happening.

Quickly identify situations around your home that may pose a risk to your safety and that of your family, neighboring neighborhood areas that are conflicting, nearby businesses that may pose a risk, etc. This way you can always be forewarned.

Always carry out an exhaustive check of the installations of your house, pipes and their condition, areas with dampness or cracks in your home, state of conservation of walls, etc. A quick repair is always going to cost less than an already damaged element of your home and besides this way you do not endanger the safety of your family.

Another safety tip for a new home is to check the condition of the gas installation, boiler and hot water thermostat of it. To avoid problems call an authorized company and carry out a preliminary inspection of it in order to avoid possible problems due to a malfunction in the future.


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