Security measures in housing

Home security is one of the concerns that anyone, to a greater or lesser extent, has regarding their home. In that sense there are many systems that can be installed to protect our home from ‘friends of others’ and we have installed almost any system that exists on the market in security. A security that can be divided into three pillars: deterrence, mechanical elements and electronic systems.

Safety deterrent elements

When thinking about the security of a home, it is necessary to think like the hypothetical thief who wanted to enter the house. We will have to identify weaknesses and try to strengthen them and, above all, make them appear less as weak points. Grids or security cameras are the most visible systems and, therefore, have more deterrent effect. Although it is also true that these elements can affect the aesthetics of the home in a way that alters the look you want in it.

An option also viable and in many cases chosen according to the location of the house is to build a high and opaque fence that makes it impossible to see the house from the outside of the plot. The drawback may be that, unless a mirror glass is used for example, the fence also serves as a separation with the outside of the parcel which need not be desired. These examples are just some possible measures that could also include having a simple poster that announces that we have alarm or have a dog.

Mechanical safety elements

The grids we mentioned are not only a deterrent, but also mechanical because they exert real protection from one of the weak points such as windows. According to the Ministry of Interior, the ideal separation of the bars should be 12 centimeters to be considered optimal. In any case, when it comes to windows, there are many security options. Some people prefer safety carpentry, firmer and with a reinforced anchor to the structure, or stronger crystals with double layer or protective film. Also, and this is perhaps the most common solution, it is sometimes opted for safety shutters (or self-locking).

Another of the most common solutions is to replace what could be called a standard door by an armored or, in some cases, armored. Also locks are important, having several anchor points and safety cylinder. But if the locks are relevant, so are the hinges. As with windows, when it is a weak point, in the doors you can reinforce every little shade.

Electronic security systems

When it comes to electronic systems, we are not referring only to the installation of alarms, but also to the advantages that technology offers today in order to achieve a greater sense of security at home. Home automation systems, for example, have achieved quality and capabilities that ensure that virtually any automated system in the home can be controlled centrally and from remote devices such as smartphones or tablets. You can even create light scenes when you are not at home as a deterrent.

The closed – circuit television or motion detectors connected to PABX are also useful both as a control element of our house to scare away potential thieves. Alarms, of course, end up being the most commonly used systems. In large homes, in addition, zoning can be used to detect any intruder even when in the house.

Security within reach

The truth is that security is more a sensation than a reality. In the end having no system does not have to imply that we are going to suffer a robbery nor have them all prevent it from happening. The recommended thing is to have certain measures, of course, but enough to provide security to the inhabitants of the house. And is that comfort is also partly that: feel comfortable in the home. In the end, in reality, the safest will always be a bunker, but nobody wants to live in a bunker.

Obviously a factor to take into account will also be the economic one. In this sense there are solutions such as alarms that are relatively inexpensive compared to, for example, the creation of closed-circuit cameras. The same thing happens with the comparison between self-locking blinds and bars. In this sense also plays with the influence they have on the aspect of housing; while the safety shutters are barely noticeable, the bars have a clear incidence creating a sense of separation from the interior of the house with the exterior. Obviously the cost of the latter is much lower. It is, as in everything, to find what each one generates a greater confidence and security always within a reasonable economic expense and according to the size of the house.

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