Theft at home during the holidays tips

During the holidays, mainly the summer, we leave our habitual addresses (house, chalet, …) to move to other residences. Urbanization and surrounding houses are also left with less people and this situation is exploited by thieves to steal, petty thefts etc, gives a series of tips to avoid these thefts that we reproduce and expand here.

Installation of security systems.

Not all homes can afford state-of-the-art security systems, but in line with their economy, all security systems that make them less vulnerable can be installed in-house. Some like security doors, bars, closings of terraces, alarms. At the moment the home automation provides new technologies an increasingly affordable price.

Give signs of life.

The house should not clearly show that it is empty and is not occupied by anyone. The simplest methods would be: do not close all the shutters of the windows, leave clothes lying down, lights on etc. There are inexpensive electronic devices on the market that program lights, TVs, or other devices.

Neighborhood collaboration.

If you go on vacation the help of other neighbors can be critical. Tell your nearest neighbors that you will be away from home. In this way, if you hear noises or strange movements in your house, you can alert the security forces in your absence. Or take note of anything or vehicle that looks suspicious.

Do not leave valuables or show off them.

Money, jewelry or other valuable things do not leave them at home. On many occasions his house becomes a showcase for strangers who have occasionally agreed (a move, repairs, deliveries of articles …), try not to leave in sight objects of value that are seen by many people. These can comment publicly and reach third-party friends of outsiders.

Record serial number of all appliances

This will make it easier to identify the devices in case of a robbery.

Protect hidden or unprotected places.

Close windows that give the parts of the house less visible (interior patios, streets less traveled …).

If you follow these indications and advice maybe we will make it more difficult and avoid thefts in homes and homes in general during vacations, summer, etc.

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