The best ant killers for a home

The presence of ants inside a house can be a minor annoyance or a food contaminant and a risk to the structural integrity of buildings. Numerous chemicals on the market today will eliminate ant populations from the house.

Interior control

For an infestation of ants indoors, the first step is to find the colony. Only killing you see traveling out in the open will not solve the problem since the ants surely come from an ant colony. Location of a colony is a challenge since ants prefer to nest in hidden areas. The most effective means for eliminating infestation is an ant bait system, which uses chemicals to attract and poison the ants. The ants carry poison to the colony and feed the queen, killing the colony.

Outdoor Control

Locating ant mounds outdoors is much easier, since ants often build in visible areas of the lawn and other outdoor areas. Even the ants inside the house can only travel from an outside colony. Bait systems can also be used to eliminate an outdoor colony, but visible outdoor colonies provide more chemical control options such as insecticide sprayed directly or sprayed poisons that can be applied to the cologne itself and feed the queen.

Precautionary measures

Like many other insect problems, an infestations can usually be prevented. Cleaning is the biggest enemy of ants, especially indoors, so letting the food and drink items will almost always seduce before entering and feeding. Never leave dirty dishes on top of the sink in the sink; this will encourage the ants to drain the sink in search of food. Spraying a chemical insecticide around skirting boards, doors and outdoor walls can also defuse possible ant problems.

Other considerations

Chemical pesticides are potentially toxic to humans. Always follow the manufacturer’s application instructions and use as little insecticide as possible. Use particular CAUTION when controlling ant populations inside. Only use approved insecticides for indoor use by spraying in areas where you and your family live and eat.

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