Some home safety tips

We want to give you some simple tips to make your home a safer place. These tips add value to any security system you have installed in your home:

You should be aware of brands: Some thieves make a mark on the exterior of a house that they intend to access. If you observe something strange, do not hesitate to remove this mark.

Ensure the windows: If the windows of your home are located below ground level, they must be protected by grids or an anti-break or aperture system. Do not open the door to strangers: look first through the peephole.

Beware of money and jewelry: Do not leave valuables in visible, eye-catching places.

Aim the serial numbers: This information facilitates the identification of electronic devices in case of theft.

Lost keys: If you lose or your keys are stolen, change the lock. You should also do this if you are going to live in a previously occupied dwelling.

If you go on vacation: Leave some clothes lying down and do not lower all the personas to indicate that in your home there may be people. If the absence period is long, you can install a timer that turns on lights, radio and television for short intervals of time.

Automatic lighting: You can put lighting systems by presence detection is a way to prevent potential thieves from analyzing your home.

Attentive to the garage door: When entering or leaving your vehicle from the garage you must check that no one enters while the door remains open.

Video intercom: Install a video intercom or a porthole system in the peephole. You should see everything near the door before opening it.

Armored door: Install an armored door or a normal door with two closing points at least and without gap between the door and the frame.

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