Safety tips to prevent theft

The safety tips are never enough because the thefts are becoming more frequent. That is why we are going to give you some small tips today to protect yourself from these thefts. These safety tips are so common that you may have heard it already. Even so, these tips are not usually followed to ensure safety. Following these small recommendations costs nothing, so go ahead.

Unknown visits at home

It is possible that some of your friends may come to your house with another friend. Although he is a friend of ours, we should not trust anything or anyone, since they can steal us in a jiffy. For this it is important not to leave the keys in sight as they can catch them in an oversight and enter when we are not at home.

Loss of keys

Losing the keys is something that can happen to us at any time because of its size. If you lose the keys, we advise you to change the lock immediately, no matter if you do not put your address on the key ring.

Go out by means of invitations

It is not the first time that a person receives an invitation to the cinema or theater and they rob him. Many thieves use this trick, to introduce an entry into the mailbox and wait for us to leave the building. We recommend that whenever you receive an invitation try to find out who it is. In case you do not find out, it is best not to go to this appointment to be sure.

Leave the keys on the inside

It is not unusual to leave the keys inside the inner lock of the house. This is quite important not to do it since it can be opened very easily. That is why we recommend locking the door of the house and also leave the house with the keys in your pocket.

Bulb lock

One of the most common locks is the light bulb lock. This type of door fixture is often broken. Even so, we recommend having anti-claw shields as anti-corkscrew shields as it is a lock that opens easily. It is a very common way of stealing in the houses so you try not to be seen without reinforcing the security of the door.

Armored doors

Although the armored doors give us security and provide protection, it is possible to leverage the lock of this type of door. That is why we recommend placing a protective anti-lever to double the security of the armored door.

These little safety tips can be carried out on a day to day basis to prevent a large theft. So read well the advice we give you and do not forget to fulfill them to ensure the safety of your home.

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