Safety tips for the home

Home invasion is often a crime of convenience. They do not make it easy for thieves and homeless to access your property. Keep your doors and windows locked. View your property from a thief’s perspective and make improvements in the security required so you can keep your family and your valuables safe.


Prune the gardens in your yard so doors and windows can easily be seen from the street as you approach your home. Remove lower limbs on trees that are up to six feet of soil. Keep the cut at a height of three feet so that they cannot be used to hide behind shrubs. Consider planting thorny plants like cacti on your windows.


Install a wide-angle viewfinder on your door so you can see who is outside before opening the door. Make sure your door is made of solid wood or metal. If your door has a large glass, cover the entire panel or door with a metal grille. Install a bolt that has a safety strike. It is the rectangular piece of metal sliding towards the latch. Choose a safety plate that accepts at least two screws three inches in length.

House number

In an emergency, the police can find their home faster if their numbers are clearly visible from the street. Use illuminated or reflective numbers so it can be seen at night.


Add additional security to your windows so they cannot be violated. Install a clasp closure or pin your windows by drilling a screw through the bottom window frame of the outer frame so it cannot be lifted. Add the safety foil to the window glass making it harder to break. If you use an air conditioner window, fix it inside so that the air conditioner cannot be removed from the outside. To do this, place a metal bar for the air conditioning that is wider than the window.


Install exterior lighting especially on the doors and next to the garage or carport. Use a self-timer to turn on at dusk and on until daylight. Install motion detector lights around your house.


Protect your home and keep your family safe by installing fire alarms. Consider Installing Anti-theft Alarms as well. Use security alarms for DIY home or sign a service that will install alarms for you and provide 24 hour surveillance.


Get to know your neighbors. Watch over your neighbor’s property and invite you to view yours and report suspicious activity. Let your neighbors know if you are gone during the night so you can pick up any newspapers, mail or advertising brochures that may accumulate on your door or driveway.

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