Safety tips for quitting home

The purpose of the vacation is to rest from the activities of the whole year, so it is important that the home is not a concern when leaving. In turn, the house or apartment that we should include all the comfort you need to enjoy the stay in peace.

Tips on leaving home

Magazines: contact are prior to distributing newspapers and magazines so you do not send in those days and, thus, prevent publication accumulatet in the door of your home.

Garden and pool: In the houses with gardens should be especially careful because the grass growth is an indication that the owner was on vacation. It is recommended to outfielder confidence make garden maintenance periodically. The same thing happens with the pools, since its surface is often filled with leaves and the water has to turn greenish. To avoid this, you should ask a trusted person to collect the leaves from the water and leave the filtration system activated.

Lights: turn off lights input or the rooms with windows on the street. The fact that they are lit all day long, proves that there is no one in the home. It is recommended to use programmers (current timers) for different lights to be turned on will turn off automatically.

Garbage: such times, in the absence of the owners home, it can rain or having strong gusts of wind, which generate a lot of garbage likely to accumulate at the entrance of the houses. Arrange with a neighbor to sweep the entrance, is something very essential to avoid it.

Social networking: today, all content that is uploaded to social networks can be easily accessible for anyone. Then, it is suggested not to post information on the vacation spot where we are, or photos, and others. In this way, it will be giving notice being away from home and is cons i.e. rot in an easy prey for the thief.

Alarm: Sure that the contact list is updated for a rapid resolution in the event of activations.

Camera: There are market solutions to monitor real time images through what happens at home. You can configure the service to access from mobile phones, anytime, anywhere.

Location: to before start considering the options to rent, we recommend paying attention to the location of the property. It is convenient that the house or apartment is near the places that are going to frequent in the stay and in areas illuminated, central and to which it is accessed in a simple way.

Conditions: when the place is evaluated to rent, not usually pay attention to the status of doors, windows and locks, which must be in perfect condition to ensure they close properly. If it is a house, it is advisable to have gratings on both windows and doors and remember, as long as the house is empty, they must be kept closed. And in the case of an apartment located on the first floor balcony, it is recommended that you have the necessary protection in windows overlooking s the street.

Safety facilities: ideally, are those homes that have an alarm system that can give notice to any emergency. Care should be taken to ensure that the house number is easily visible day and night, so that police and security services can quickly come to these emergency cases.

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