Safety for your home

Comprehensive security is the concept that you should keep in mind if you want to protect your home. There are systems that contain from sensory alarms, sirens, automatic reflectors, video gatekeepers, sophisticated locks and peripheral protection to time controllers for the operation of household electrical equipment.

All this complemented by a 24-hour monitoring service, from a central that constantly monitors the security mechanisms of the house, verifies the authenticity of the alarms and is connected directly with the police, the firemen or the Red Cross to give the warning in if is necessary.

Protection begins at the periphery of your home. Lighting is a traditional way of misleading those who try to penetrate a house. And this combined with an automatic activation of lights, is as effective when you arrive late at night to your home, as when a thief wants to penetrate and is surprised with the sudden ignition of the exterior or interior reflectors feeling caught.

The video intercom is an audio-visual mechanism, whose monitor can be located anywhere in the house and can be connected to five different points, according to the entrances of the house. In this way you can see and hear the person who is hitting by just pressing the button corresponding to the desired entry.

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