Improve the security of your home

The techniques that are currently being used for theft are: removal of the lock cylinder, breaking of unmanned protective shields, use of bolts for lock bolts, bumping method, etc.

These methods were used until very recently by thieves with a lot of experience, and to date these methods have been expanding and already inexperienced thieves also use these techniques given the sadly ease of finding tools on the internet along with luxury tutorials for their correct use.

Fortunately the robbery is probably one of the crimes most easily avoided by taking measures for that.

In this situation we must all take action.

You consider these options:

According to technical reports at least 90% of the locks installed in many homes do not protect against current theft techniques. Security shields installed before 2013 may not have the quality and resistance to an attack and are easily vulnerable with extractors that they sell by internet in the market there are cylinders and bombs that are said of security but they really do not have the sufficient protections. If it is a door locks and you have no protection these locks are very easy to open with “magic key” keys that also sell online. And what about poorly installed products abound.

This situation clearly portrays that the security measures that were perfectly valid a few years ago, today are no longer and the most appropriate and advisable is to review the current security and ask for help from a professional.

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