Home theft deterrent systems

Step-by-step for housing theft deterrent systems:

  1. In this door that is in the basement and that communicates the garage with the house, we will place this portable, door-stop, battery-operated alarm.
  2. Once the alarm is turned on, we will place it behind the door by its opening side; So we will orient the wedge towards the door. When the wedge is opened and pressed, the siren will be triggered to alert those in the house.
  3. Another systems is to place a digital alarm on the front door of our house, which detects the opening of a door or window by means of a magnetic contact device programmed with a 4-digit code.
  4. To avoid damaging the wall or the door, we will use extra-strong double-sided adhesive tape to fix both the alarm and the magnetic sensors. We put the tape in the base of the pieces and, with a pair of scissors, we cut strips to measure.
  5. Afterwards, remove the protective plastic and attach the alarm module to the wall, flush the door jamb.
  6. Proceeding in the same way, we adhere the sensors next to the magnetic unit, in the frame and in the door.
  7. Now we can activate the alarm and, when the door is opened, it will lose the magnetic contact and emit the acoustic warning.

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