Home security systems

There are different options for main entrance doors, such as traditional mechanical locks, electrical locks and the most innovative digital locks. Security systems, depending on installed products, can be integrated with existing alarm systems, all to create a safe environment.

For buildings, the access control system can be connected to intercoms, recreational areas, parking and general areas that can make the lives of visitors and residents a safe and quiet place. The idea is that each person can feel totally safe and protected with their loved ones.

Main entrance

The main entrance door is the first line of defense and protection against illegal entry of persons into the home. Whether for homes or housing developments, the system must ensure that unauthorized visitors do not have access. The solutions must be adapted to every need, either with electromechanical or digital locks.

Digital locks

Electromechanical products, as well as digital products, provide greater security and comfort. A digital lock allows to open these through an unlock code. They include proximity cards, remote control, plus fingerprints for identification and access.

Parking Doors

Just like vehicles, parking lots also have valuable items, such as bicycles, tools and garden equipment. These can be secured using mechanical or electromechanical locks, as well as alarms for added security. For residential complexes the access control system uses readers and tags that allow residents to feel safe and calm.

Security in windows

Including small devices to the windows, additional security is provided to the home. Designed to meet market requirements, just like mechanical windows, locks and solutions can be adapted to any type of them. They are easy to install and come in discrete designs.

Authorized access

Departments generally have problems with the entry of unauthorized persons into them. A front door with a card reader, improves safety for residents and makes it easier for authorized visitors or maintenance staff to access, by simply typing a code. This will work on certain times, such as office hours, meanwhile, at another time the door will be blocked.

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